Indiyum Diet Mixture Namkeen Combo Packs

Sold by Indiyum Foods Pvt Ltd


  • Perfectly Roasted, and made with the best quality ingredients.
  • Indiyum Diet Mixture is low in calories, therefore, the perfect guilt free snack for the health conscious.
  • Traditionally made, it is bound to bring you the flavour of home in a convenient easy to carry pouch.
  • Pairs perfectly with a hot cup of Coffee, Hot Milk, Chai/Tea

From ₹150.00 - ₹249.00

(Our Price From ₹133.93 - ₹222.32)


Indiyum Diet Mixture is one of our two namkeens in our Diet Range. It is the perfect snack to be enjoyed by the health conscious as it's low in calories yet still packs a flavourful punch. We are sure that you'll love the taste of Indiyum Diet Mixture