DevDarshan Myroma Incense Sticks

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Pack of 6 Units 20gm each

Pack of 12 Units 20gm each 

Pack of 24 Units 20gm each 

20g Incense Sticks Per Unit, 12 Units in 1 Box & 24 Boxes in a Master Carton

Mesmerizing Fragrance of Myroma feels real natures real fragrance
Each Stick Length: 9 inch, No of Sticks: 20g each pack, burning time: 15-20 mins each stick
Aroma of Myroma agarbatti floats its way throughout your home instantly lifting the mood and creating a kind and inviting atmosphere
SAFETY INSTRUCTION: Always Keep burning dhoop / Incense sticks on dhoop / Incense stand / holder, make sure you keep away from flammable articles, ashes should always fall on fire proof or heat resistant surface.

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All Devdarshan products creates an Aura that your prayer reaches the divine and is completed