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Whisper Ultra Clean Sanitary Napkin XL with Wings, 20N (Pack of 2)

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1. Locks upto 100% wetness, even odours 2. Odour Lock gel that gives you hygienic protection 3. Nearly 40% longer for more coverage. 4. Delightful scent. 5. Dri-Weave Cover provides soft, dry protection 6. Use Whisper Ultra Clean for days when your period flow is heavy vs an ordinary pad

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It’s about living your life by your own rules despite what society says. It’s about choosing for yourself, every day of the month. This revolutionary product Whisper Ultra Clean XL+ has ODOUR LOCK GEL that LOCKS UPTO 100% WETNESS & EVEN ODOURS and gives you the Freedom to live life by your own rules, even during periods. Because Meri life, mere rules.