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Nescafe Combo pack of 2 - Cap Colombia, 100 g, Origins Alta Rica Coffee Jar, 100 g

Sold by Madhav Enterprises

Item Contains:

  • Nescafe Cap Colombia, 100 g
  • Origins Alta Rica Coffee Jar, 100 g

Nescafe Cap Colombia :

  • Expertly crafted with 100% Arabica beans from colombia
  • It designed to immerse your senses in a uniquely rich flavour experience
  • Taking coffee to a whole new level, from fruit-essences to subtle notes of nutty and caramel flavours

Origins Alta Rica Coffee :

  • A premium deliciously dark roast instant coffee for an intense experience
  • Crafted with 100% Arabica coffee beans from Latin America
  • An intense taste with a surprising cacao finish, Grown respectfully

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Discover NESCAFÉ cap Colombia and immerse your senses in a uniquely rich flavour experience. This smooth, premium light-medium roast instant coffee takes its delightfully fruity taste from 100% Arabica beans from Colombia, benefiting from the tropical high altitude of the huila region.

Delight your senses with NESCAFÉ GOLD ORIGINS Alta Rica. This premium instant coffee is made using dark-roasted, pure Arabica beans from Latin America for a delicious coffee with a distinctive, intense flavour. A bold drinking experience with a surprisingly smooth cacao finish.

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