Handmade Braided Sabaii Grass Wall Plates

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About This Item:
Handmade Braided Sabaii Grass Wall Plates in dual colours measuring 12 inches in diameter
Size : Diameter 12 inches
Design :  Braided 
Colors: Multiple

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Product Description:

Sabai Grass Sabaii Grass Wall Plate Mats in dual colours measuring 12 inches in diameter. An aesthetic accessory to your walls, dining table, study, under the indoor plant pots.

 Sabai grass “Eulaliopsis Binata/ Babuii” is a natural fibre abundantly grown in tribal-dominated areas of Orissa and parts of West Bengal. It was earlier confined mainly to rope-making first introduced in India by the British.  Coloured with Natural Organic Dyes. The Sabai grass is harvested, reaped, sun-dried, twisted into ropes and turned into braids. Your each purchase helps our Indian tribal artisans survive, sustain and smile.

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