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Winner Name

Divya Jain

1st Prize





when you put the whole picture together.... recycling is the the right thing to do.......

I Divya Jain presenting an old jeans that turned into beautiful apron Material used Old jeans Scissors Old shirt Needle and thread Measuring tape

How to make....

1. सबसे पहले जीन का ऊपरी हिस्सा बेल्ट पार्ट से लेकर घुटनों तक कट करें। इसे बीच में से काट कर खाली जीन का पीछे का हिस्सा लें

2 उसके बाद टांगो की तरफ से 10 इंच लंबा टुकड़ा काट ले

3 अब इस टुकड़े को एक साइड से काटकर उसको खोल दें

4 अब इस खुले हुए टुकड़े को बेल्ट पार्ट वाले कपड़े से सिलाई की मदद से या फिर सुई धागे से सिलाई कर दे

5 अब किसी भी शर्ट के कपड़े को ले

6 उस शर्ट के कपड़े को 20 इंच लंबा और 3 इंच चौड़ा काट लें और फिर उसे चौड़ाई की तरफ से फोल्ड करके सिलाई लगा दे

7 अब इस लंबे स्ट्रिप को नेक पार्ट बनाने के लिए उसे सिले हुए जींन के कपड़े पर एक छोर से दूसरे छोर में सिलाई कर दें

8 अब शर्ट के कपड़े की लंबी-लंबी स्ट्रिप्स बना ले और उसे कमर पार्ट पर दोनों हिस्सों पर जोड़ दें जोकि पीछे गांठ लगाने के काम आता है

9 एप्रन को और आकर्षित बनाने के लिए शर्ट के कपड़े की सारे और बाउंड्री बना दें और बीच में एक पॉकेट भी लगा दे

10 तो लीजिए आपका सुंदर सा किचन एप्रन तैयार है

Judges Review

The item was actually created out of true waste & is also reusable for longer time which justifies the rules of the contest and at the same time shows thinking.

Winner Name

Ruchi Jain

2nd Prize

#Limasyutsav6 #Limasyutsav #Bestoutofwaste




Material used :

• waste cold drink bottles

• jute rope (from old jute bag)

• newspaper

• waste wooden sticks

• used make up cotton

• old protein jar

• coloured pages (from old scrap book)

• artificial flowers (from old packing)

• thermocol (from packing of newly bought geyser)

• stones

• motor (from old cooler)


■ Firstly I cut the base of protein jar and pasted two sticks on the opposite corners .

■ Then I made long branch by twisting the newspaper and coloured it with brown colour

■ Then i pasted it around the sticks by adding leaves and flowers on it.

■ I cut ✂️ bottles (four)upper part with knife for the flow of water and pasted on the sticks simultaneously.

■ Then i took out thermocol from the newly bought geyser to give it a base.

■ Then I made a duck and birds with used cotton ( to clean make up)to give it a beautiful look.

■ I painted two stones also.

■ Without trees WATERFALL was not giving a natural look, so i made trees with green cold drink bottles (leaves)and thermocol.

■ Last but not the least, I wrote LIMASY on thermocol and cut it and covered it with jute rope and pasted.

☆☆ USES : It is a showpiece to give a natural and cool view.Trees, birds , duck and many more are adding on to its natural beauty.


●● -Ruchi Jain

Judges Review

Using waste material a creative fountain is created which is also a working model, its a working model.

Winner Name

Mohit Jain

3rd Prize

#Limasyutsav47 #Limasyutsav #bestoutofwaste Limasy.com

We all had studied “3 R’s “ - REDUCE, REUSE,RECYCLE.. of waste management in our schools. But they are not that hard to implement. All we need is to bring a small change in our lifestyle to reduce waste. It makes a big difference to recycle.

I don’t think out of the box ; I think what can I do with the box

So here presenting a SHOE BOX turned into a KEY STAND

▶️Materials used: I have used

▪️ a discarded shoe box

▪️old newspapers

▪️old magnets nd discarded hooks

▪️covering paper from old scrapbooks

▪️piece of wood(leftover material of renovation )

▶️ Procedure-

▪️Firstly in order to harden the box I had covered it with the old newspapers .

▪️Then i placed a magnet inside the flap of the box.

▪️Then with the help of steel cutter I made 2 small pieces of wood from the big one

▪️Then I fixed the pieces wood inside the box in order to make the stand more stable to handle the weight of keys.

▪️Then I covered the box with colourful papers to give a new look.

▪️Then i fixed hooks on the pieces of wood inside the box which will hold the keys.

▪️Then at the corner of box I have fixed another magnet which will help in easy shutting of the key stand since magnets attract each other.

▪️Lastly I decorated the front of the box with glittery paper strips.

▪️Key stand is so stable that it can also hold heavy car keys .

📌When we put the whole picture together,Recycling is the right thing to do📌

By Mohit Jain

Judges Review

I liked it very much and also found it useful, decooration is also good and lest cost is incurred on this. He has also implemented it in his house.

Winner Name

Aashita Jain

Consolation Prize

#Limasyutsav63 #limasy #limasyutsav #BestOutOfWasteContest

Thankyou Limasy.com for this opportunity

Hey Friends Myself AASHITA JAIN.

I Beleive in 3R'S I. E. Reduce, Recycle,Reuse ♻

We can help the 🌍 if we choose Recycle Plastic, glass and Cans Reduce The Rubbish on our Lands I make MY ACCESSORY ORGANIZER Box with a Bisleri Bottle to keep my Bangles, watches, rubberbands etc..

Things required:-

Plastic bottle


Chart papers to cover and some decorating material ...


1) Take out the central part of plastic bottle by cutting neck and bottom of the bottle.

2)Now cut the bottle horizontally as shown in picture No.8

3)Cover them

4)Take 2 circle shaped cardboard pieces

5) Cover them and join one part of the bottle with the circles

6)Now,take 2 semi circle shaped cardboard pieces and cover them

7)Stick them to other part of the bottle

8)Join both the parts of the bodies

9)Decorate it And my jewellery organizer box is ready!!

Judges Review

Very creative at this age.

Winner Name

Mitansh Jain

Consolation Prize

Sushma Jain

#limasyutsav #LimasyUtsav42 @limasy.com #bestoutofwaste

Presenting PIGGI BANK


one container

one Bottle cap

Four medicine bottle caps( transparent)




Take a container and paint it

Than cut eyes and ears with cardboard and paint it.

Now paint medicine bottle caps.

Than paint bottle cap.

With the help of glue gun paste bottle cap in the front of container to make nose of pigg and paste medicine bottle caps on the side of containers to make legs of pigg.

At last paste eyes and ears of pigg.


Judges Review

I really like this one for a child to make this and its also very useful for a child.

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